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05/06/2003: Version 0.2.0 of audioBox released. This version now supports .ogg files and introduces display driver plug-ins.

04/25/2003: Version 0.1.0 of audioBox released.

What is audioBox?

audioBox is a Linux mp3/ogg player front-end based on LCDproc, mpg123 (or mpg321) and ogg123. It is intended to run on a standalone headless Linux machine as an "audio appliance", playing music files from the local hard disk or CD-ROM.

audioBox uses an LCD display to show music file list and song information. It provides menus for music file search and playlist browsing. No video card or display is needed to run audioBox.


audioBox is currently in the early stages of development. So far it supports the basic functionality for everyday listening, such as:

  • File browsing;
  • File search (full and sub-list search);
  • mp3/ogg playback from CD and HDD;
  • multiple playback session support;
  • Rudimentary playlist support.

Many more features are planned for the future, such as:

  • advanced playlist management;
  • ID3 tag support;
  • LIRC support;
  • Support for LCD keys.

See the manual for details.


To run audioBox you need a PC with:

  • your favourite flavour of Linux, 8-16MB of RAM;
  • a supported soundcard (or on-board chipset);
  • an LCD display supported by LCDproc;
  • LCDproc;
  • mpg123 or mpg321, the free alternative to mpg123;
  • optional ogg123 (remote-patched version);
  • optional CD-ROM drive.
Currently, a keyboard is also required to navigate through the menus.

You do not need a videocard, unless you want to use the curses mode of LCDproc.

Where can I get audioBox? How much does it cost?

audioBox has been released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Therefore, audioBox is FREE. You can download audioBox from this web site. Make sure to get the documentation as well.

Send mail to Wolfgang Reißnegger (don't forget to remove -REMOVE-THIS- from address) if you want to contribute or if you have questions or comments about audioBox.

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